Our Mission


The Association shall operate with the following objectives:

(a)  To collaborate with all the relevant organizations and act as private sector advocate to promote the interests of the culinary and the gastronomy industry in Ghana.


(b)  To develop a code of ethics for all practitioners.

(c)  To promote the interests and improve the operations of members and assist in the formation of other potential members/organs.

(d)  To promote the welfare of members

(e)  To encourage and promote the creation of an enabling environment for profitable operations of all members

(f)  To improve the standards of services offered in the industry.

(g)  To establish and maintain effective membership governance.


(h)  To work with relevant institutions and organizations to develop opportunity and professionalism in the industry.

(i)   To provide leadership for addressing issues related to the profession.

(j)   To carry out any other activities as may be required in furtherance of achieving the Vision.

(k)  To adopt a visitor and member service strategy and ensure the maximization of returns on investment members in the tourism and hospitality industry.

(l)   To organize from time to time, seminars, symposia, workshops and training programs and print requisite materials for the education of its members for professional and social advancement. 

Welcome to Chefs Association of Ghana

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