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Welcome To Chefs Association Of Ghana

Chefs Association of Ghana is a non-profit industry body, founded in 2005 and rebrand in 2016, that represents the interests of chefs, cooks and caterers at all levels, with a focus on skills development, the celebration of culinary professionals and transforming the industry.

Ghana Chefs aims to have a significant impact on the careers of the chefs with whom we share the knowledge that our members have acquired through international food promotions, competitions, workshops, conferences and various other learning experiences.

Over the  past decade CAG  has positioned itself as the  mother body of all culinary professionals across the country

 Since its inception, the Association has enjoyed a deep and long-standing tradition as Ghana’s true representation of the professional chef and cook. 

Throughout its history as  Ghanaian’s largest  Nationals  professional chefs’ organization, the name of the  Association has undergone several changes to recognize the chef’s continually changing role in the kitchen and education. 

 The  Association was dissolve and Mrs Bella Ahu  Committee  was  formed to re-organized  the  Association again under the leadership  of  Nana Anim President of ( GHATOF )Mother  federation in  April 2016 . The organization was then called the Ghana Chefs Association and the name was change to Chefs Association of Ghana and re-registered in November 2016.

Membership of Chefs Association of Ghana is available to anyone and all persons who actively seek and involve their career paths as a Cook Apprentice,  Cook, Professional Chef/Cook or Culinary Professionals.


The Association shall operate with the following objectives:

(a)  To collaborate with all the relevant organizations and act as private sector advocate to promote the interests of the culinary and the gastronomy industry in Ghana.

(b)  To develop a code of ethics for all practitioners.

(c)  To promote the interests and improve the operations of members and assist in the formation of other potential members/organs.

(d)  To promote the welfare of members

(e)  To encourage and promote the creation of an enabling environment for profitable operations of all members

(f)  To improve the standards of services offered in the industry.

(g)  To establish and maintain effective membership governance.

(h)  To work with relevant institutions and organizations to develop opportunity and professionalism in the industry.

(i)   To provide leadership for addressing issues related to the profession.

(j)   To carry out any other activities as may be required in furtherance of achieving the Vision.

(k)  To adopt a visitor and member service strategy and ensure the maximization of returns on investment members in the tourism and hospitality industry.

(l)   To organize from time to time, seminars, symposia, workshops and training programs and print requisite materials for the education of its members for professional and social advancement. 

Our Team

Chef   Isaac Sackey

  Chef   Michael                                        Vice president

      Chef Jove Ekow Ansah          Programme director


Chef  Peter Agbovi,  National secretary

     Chef  Enoch                       National treasurer

Waffest 2022 Sponsors

The Chefs Association of Ghana is a non-profit company and sponsorship plays a vital role in its successful running.
Without the generosity from the below sponsors and patrons, we would not be able to fulfill our mandate of reflecting Ghana’s culinary diversity and promoting the art and science of cookery.

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Be part of the biggest network of culinary professionals in Ghana

The  Chefs Association of Ghana has been representing chefs, cooks , restaurateurs, educators, learners, industry professionals, culinarians and various other industry parties for over 7 years. With a number of regional branches situated around the country and the head office in Accra ,

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Been a member of CAG give you opportunity to represent CAG in various culinary competitions and expo across the globe.

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let discuss and share our culinary expertise within the industry.

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Let connect , network with top chefs , culinary expert and industry professional during CAG platforms.

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Been part of CAG give you opportunity to develop your skills through training, seminars and competitions

Welcome to Chefs Association of Ghana

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